Study Tips

Study Tips

At Kerry College – Listowel Campus we recognise that returning to education as an adult learner can be daunting.  Perhaps it has been a long time since you sat in a classroom environment or possibly your previous experience of education was not a positive experience.  Also, you may have other commitments such as work, family and children.

These are a few tips that may help you with your study routine:

1)    Recognise that you can’t add more hours to your day. 

 When you are doing a course, your timetable are times that you can no longer devote to other commitments in your life.  You will have to reorganise your daily routine to avoid getting stressed out. Remember that your course will only run for a limited time and you will be able to get back to your normal routine when it’s finished.

 2)    Get organised. 

Set a study schedule and try to stick to it, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a study time.  Instead, re-examine the schedule and adjust it as necessary.

 3)    Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed

I know that easier to say than to do if you live in a busy house with children!  Don’t forget that there are study areas at Kerry College – Listowel Campus such as the computer area in the canteen and the Open Learning Centre (just check availability). Listowel library, which is located near the college, is an ideal environment to study.

 4)    Some people work better in the early morning while others are night owls. 

Find out which time suits you best to get stuck into the books.

 5)    Build up your study time

It can be difficult to concentrate for long periods in the beginning if you are not used to studying.  Therefore, take short 5 minute breaks and fresh air and gradually build up until you can concentrate for 50 minutes to an hour at a time before you take your well deserved break.

 6)    Try to get the more difficult tasks done first. 

You will feel more positive if you do and this will help you complete the easier tasks.

 7)    Two heads are better than one

Sometimes a study buddy/group can make studying more interesting and can be really useful as you can quiz each other if you are revising for exams.

The main thing to remember is not to let the situation get out of hand and feel overwhelmed.  If something comes up and you find yourself getting behind with your course work talk to your subject teacher or course co-ordinator who will be more than happy to advise you on what to do. Sharing a problem always makes it better and your teachers are here to help and guide you with all aspects of your course.

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