Are YOU interested in PHOTOGRAPHY? Then look at our INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE Photography course.

Are YOU interested in PHOTOGRAPHY? Then look at our INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE Photography course.



The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, techniques and creative skills needed for a career in the photographic industry.

In completing this course the learner will acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills in photography to include:



• Using DSLR cameras

• Camera accessories and their application

• Compositional techniques and creative strategies for a range of subject matter

• Lighting, including studio lighting and studio equipment

• Image processing tools and techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom

• Printing

• Presentation and display options

• legalities of photography

• Working with clients and individuals


During the year you will construct a portfolio of work suitable for presentation for employment, or for the pursuit of further studies in the field of photography. This work will include portraiture, still-life photography, special effects photography, nature photography and creative photoshop imagery.

The photographs produced during the course will be done in studio and on location. In studio you will learn how to master lighting for portraiture, still-life and product photography, and creating special effects using stroboscopic flash.

You will also be taking photographs outdoors and in a variety of locations around the town of Listowel and further afield. This year our students took portraits of business people in Listowel, took a variety of portraits in the local park, created long exposure images using a variety of techniques around the town, and went on a day trip to Killarney National Park to take nature photo’s.



When all the project work is completed you will get the opportunity to exhibit your work to the public in an end of year exhibition. This year our students held their exhibition at St. John Cultural centre in Listowel. An event like this is a great way to showcase your work to a public audience and promote yourself as a photographer.



Work Experience is an integral part of this course. A day a week is devoted to work experience where students get hands-on experience working with photographers, in photographic studios, or in some other related industry.


This level 5 course is open to anyone with an interest in photography. Having prior experience in photography is not a requirement for this course.




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